Sunday, 10 March 2013


"El Gato" (the Cat) the male 5 years later
"La Gata" (She) is being taken to the truck

"She" is leaving for ever...

For years we tried to set free the Pumas in their home land. That was our goal, but financial offers that never came, time gave the opportunity for them to get pregnant.. a new female came to the group and definitely it was impossible to release them with a baby.  Neither "El Gato" (Him) nor "La Gata" (She) have the experience to survive the Andes by them selves. So imagine with a young creature in charge.  No way, so unfortunately they where condemned to live for ever behind the bars of a jail named as Zoo.

At least we manage to find the best one in Chile; did all the paperwork, the help and asistance of SAG (Servicio Agrícola y Ganadero), and the acceptance in the National Zoo (Metropolitan Park) in Santiago de Chile.

In May 2012 we said  BYE !!!! to the Pumas who lived 5 years with us.  It was a sad day, but at the same time, an encouraging day, in the hope that they will live as best as possible among humans.

What we learned and what we must teach:

Never take a creature from their natural habitat.  If they are cubs, don't take them.. Their parents will come soon, and they are the only ones who knows how to deal with them.

Just in a very justified situation, mandated by specialists and/or an authority, it may be possible to do so.  

Let wild animals live free, at least they are struggling to survive in this planet that humans are transforming into a filthy jail. At the end, all of us are in the same place, lets be brethren and fight for a better earth.

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