Monday, 21 May 2007

Growing well in their new cage

Thanks to the labour of Ca. 15 volunteers and construction materials donated by Xstrata Copper, male and female Pumas are growing well and safe. In a very clean environment and semi-isolated from human presense, the pumas have reached 13.5 kg (male) and 12.8 kg (female) in May 20st. There are scientific interest to understand their genetic origin, since the Northern Chile area is the boundary of at least three subspecies. Soon a small sample will be taken to run DNA analisys with cooperation from researchers from Universidad de Concepcion. Also during the growing period, several studies on existence metabolism will be carried out based on energy density of food and feces. The study look for increase understanding of energy costs of rearing pumas, following their behavior recorded on video, in order to assess their time/activity budget.

We are looking for information concerning vaccination, so if you have a suggestion, please contact us to:

Later we will be working on a proposal to reintroduce the pumas into their habitat in the Andes Mountains of the Atacama. We are looking for institutions and researchers and/or conservationists who want to join us in such challenge. Send an e-mail to Carlos Guerra-Correa Ph.D. to the same address indicated above.

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Keep up the good work.